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Lawn & Order Tree Care


At Lawn & Order, we take Tree Care seriously. We value safety and experience as much as professionalism and courteousness. We maintain our ISA Certification –  the standard which every arborist should have – and we back years of experience with practical safety and job training. Our team provides the safest and most effective approach to all of your Tree Care needs. 


From a simple fruit tree pruning to a massive oak tree removal, we have done it all. We provide services ranging from Tree Trimming and Tree Removals, Deep Root Fertilizations, Tree & Shrub FertilizationTree PruningTree Planting, Insect & Disease Management, Hazardous Tree Evaluations and Arborist Reports. We value our customers and approach every job with careful care and consideration both for our team and your property. 


Have a Tree in Need?

Let us help! Take a look at the variety of services we offer for your tree!

Certified Arborist Consultations

Our certified abrosist is the authoritative experts on trees, with an objective, comprehensive viewpoint that ensures the safety, health, and preservation of them. Consultations include an extensive and thorough examination of your tree, with an optional written report available for purchase. Arborist Consultations are recommended for the following:

At-Risk Trees:  in danger of falling, breaking or otherwise damaging the surrounding area

Root Concerns:  overgrown roots that may potentially cause damage such as cracking the surrounding sidewalk, driveway, home foundations or other concrete

Neighboring Trees: if you are not the owner of the problematic tree, but are a neighbor with concerns regarding the tree

Health Concerns: trees that are not producing as normal with visible signs such as dead branches or lack of blooming (if applicable)

Arborist consultations are $75 with an optional written report available for an additional cost of $75.

Tree Services

Lawn & Order offers a variety of services for your tree, including the following:

Tree Trimming:  Pruning your tree is vital to it’s longevity and overall health. Without routine trimming, your tree can become weak at a rapid rate causing breakage and increasing it’s suceptibility to insects and diseases.

Our certified tree workers are trained to spot any threatening areas of your tree and ensure that it is maintained by the standards of International Society of Arboriculture.

Stump Grinding: Have an ugly stump in your yard? Lawn & Order offers stump grinding up to 6 inches below the surface and turns it into highly desirable fresh mulch for you to keep! Haul away service is also available for an additional cost.

Tree Removal: Often times, removing a tree is the only option available. If that is your case, we can help! Lawn & Order tree removal ensures that yor tree is taken out in the safest, most cost-effective way possible and that it is completely recycled into other materials such as fresh mulchand lumber.

Tree service estimates are 100% free of charge. 


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